There are many pitfalls and perils involved in dealing with the Louisiana Workers' Compensation Act, and you need experienced legal counsel to represent you whether as the Employee or the Employer. The Henry Firm possesses the experience in Workers' Compensation Law necessary to protect your interests from the date of the accident until the final appeal. 


  If you have been injured in a work-related accident, you are entitled to certain benefits from your employer. Louisiana's Workers' Compensation Laws and Procedures contain many perils and pitfalls for the uninitiated. Trust your Workers' Compensation Claim to someone experienced in handling claims like yours. Let The Henry Firm ensure that you receive all benefits that you are entitled to under the law, and that you receive those benefits in a timely manner. 


  The Henry Firm has defended numerous Employers against Workers' Compensation Claims. Based upon our years of experience in defending our clients against Workers' Compensation Claims we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your business is provided with the best possible defense and that your legal rights and interests are protected to the fullest extent available under the law.